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Statement of the Problem

Statement of the Problem

The study is conducted to provide a solution to the difficulties encounter by the personnel and students of St. Mary’s College of Tagum in the Canteen.
It would also be a remedy to the problems of the parents in terms of cash handling / budget of the students,……… added convenience to the customers in the canteen, faster order processing easy budgeting in terms of students allowance.
Add on
· How do you envision in solving the problem
· What are the projected benefits of your solution

The unavailability of cash change to the students during the manual operation of transaction in the school canteen that leads to a delayed service and sometimes goods in the canteen has been used as the change instead of cash that causes customers to buy to other stores and may not meet the intended potential income of the canteen. Thinking about an automated system it solves the disadvantage of the canteen and to make it better one.

Objectives of the Study
– To avoid inaccurate payment and change of the customers.
– To be able for the canteen to accommodate faster and more customers.
– To create an easy and efficient payment system for the convenience of the customer and cashier.

Chapter III- Methodology


Method Used
The group enables to gather data information through researches within the school premises
and evaluation through interviews of the respondents from the school (St. Mary’s College of
Tagum, Inc.) which is use as the primary method in collecting
data on the preferred use of the end-user on the said system, it is necessary to organize, analyze and
interpret the data gathered since the conclusion will be drawn base on the method used and with
the IT Professionals inputs.

Sources of data
The methods used in gathering data information together with the researched related and
existing studies of the proposed system are the group’s sources of data in order to come up with a
system that would be most beneficial for the end-user. All of these facts are gathered in order to be
of help in generation of the system.
Aside from the mentioned above, there are also other factors that enables the group to
understand more of the data flow like the inputs of the group’s IT consultant and with the
contributed ideas of some IT Professionals and adviser.

Procedure of the Study
The group had a discussion and shared different ideas in order to decide the best way to develop the proposed system which is the Electronic Baon. Along with it is the consideration of the collected information and other sources which is the related and existing studies of the proposed system.
In regards with the documentation process, the group had to carefully organize and analyze the information gathered as well as the related and existing studies and the group enables to recognize a more advance and develop system to be made. The group also decided the programming language to be used and other applications and materials needed in order to make the proposed system possible. The group will also provide recommendations for the system by the end of the study.
Sampling Technique
The end-users of the Electronic Baon System will be the students of St. Mary’s College of Tagum, Inc. in order for them to be more convenient in paying their meals and snacks at the canteen, it will also lessen the case of not having meal or snacks due to money lost inside or outside the premises.

Requirements Specification
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