Hi Strangers, I  came from the Land of Smile ☻ Philippines specifically in Davao Region in Mindanao. I am a BS in Computer Science graduate and currently taking up a Masters Degree @ University of the Immaculate Conception. I like having fun and laughing out loud with my friends  but just sometimes not always its kinda boring~HAHA anyways I forgot  I am an IT Instructor and just like ordinary people I am not perfect but teachers do their best to avoid mistakes sometimes I messed up but  basically I shared my thoughts and knowledge to them and trying my best to be patient all the time even if sometimes they’re all annoying and pissed me but I care for them just like my younger sissy and bros. You know what guys, they’re all funny,explorer, smart, and good, sooner they will become a young IT Professionals and hopefully to see them in same industry. whats up?. My next plan to work  in the  industry (crossedfingers) I think Im done being in Academe the experienced is awesome. I have a big family they’re also funny but sometimes just like other families we’d gone rough roads in life  but the most important thing to remember even how rude life will  you have to put his love on center of your family,friends and even your work. Lovelife? hmmm I guess she’s/he’s still stuck and I am patiently waiting for her/him dont worry Im not in hurry when our road cross Ill make sure youll be the most happy person in the universe and Ill cook for you but I have to practice first right now so take your time there honey because being a good chef requires skills and too much time :)) .  I guess  I talk too much thats all. Have fun you only live once!

~By the way I  make systems for a business or school projects just send me email obliosca.jovy1@gmail.com or obliosca.jovy@yahoo.com  Thanks!

Systems I Made

*Accounting System

*Evaluation System

*Voting System (Networked)

*Point of Sale System

*Cashiering System


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